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Chris Vosters Illustratie

I'm Chris Vosters, a Flemish illustrator.

Welcome to my portfolio.

Some of my works have already appeared in publications by publising co. De Eenhoorn and Publishing co. Zwijsen. I'm open for freelance jobs and assignments, so do not hesitate to mail me if you are interested in my works. Visit my blog to see more of my recent work and sketches..

About me

I am a 33 year-old illustrator from Kinrooi, Belgium. After my teacher training in Arts & English at the Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg i still wasn't finished educating myself, So i went to study at the late Provinciale Hogeschool limburg to graduate with a Master's degree in Graphic Design in 2009, specialising in children's illustration. After graduation i spent a few years working as a graphic designer.
I'm currently teaching art classes at the Stedelijke Academie voor Kunsten Maaseik, but i remain active in both painting and drawing. My works are mainly made digitally, altough from time to time nothing can beat pencil shavings and scent of gouache paints.


Contact Details

  • (+32)486 451 272
  • Chris Vosters
    Hogerstraat 14
    3640 Kinrooi

    BE 0627.743.814

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